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Online Casinos Offer Thousands of Great Pokies

Every casino game machine is run by the Random Number Generator (RNG). Players know that in some games you have to make decisions but the RNG determines if your decision was a winning one or not. Players also know that pikes are just about the most luck-based game there is in the casino, whether land based or online. Nevertheless, players continue to look for strategies for how to win on pokies.

Interestingly enough, when we began to seriously investigate the matter of pokies win strategy, we found a few excellent strategies. These strategies do work but we can guarantee that they aren’t the kinds of strategies you were expecting!

Play Fewer Win Lines

It’s tempting to play a online pokies game with a lot of win lines but, when you play a lot of lines, you have to bet on each one to maximize your winning chances. By playing a pokies game with just a few win lines, you can control your bankroll much better. Controlling your bankroll is one of the best pokies win real money strategies; you last longer on the same budget and that increases your chances of winning.

There are many excellent ways to control and successfully manage your bankroll. Most are pokies way win money strategies but, if you read all the way to the end, you’ll find a pokies way win strategy that does not require winning money to be successful.

Progressive Jackpots

We all enjoy chasing the big progressive jackpot. Keep in mind that in order to qualify for the big jackpot you have to bet the maximum on the winning line. If your gaming budget allows it, then it’s fine to make such large bets. If you are playing on a tighter budget, ironically you have a much better chance of winning by not playing progressive jackpot games. Playing standard games gives you a lot of chances to win hundreds or even thousands of dollars with far less investment.

Play with Bonuses

Bonuses are a great way to double your chances of winning. A 100% bonus does exactly that. One way to get a 100% bonus is by joining a casino. Now that it is no longer necessary to download casinos, you can join a number of casinos and get excellent bonus percentages from each one. It is true that for every deposit bonus you have to make a deposit. But if the casino offers thousands of dollars in bonuses, you do not have to take such large bonuses. You can get say a $100 bonus for a $100 deposit. Be careful to make sure that your budget determines the size of your deposit.

Every bonus has a play through requirement. This means that you have to bet a factor of the deposit before you can withdraw any winnings. You can always shop around for a casino with a low play through requirement. The lower this requirement is the greater are your chances to be able to withdraw winnings.

Finally, we encourage gamers to play with a no deposit bonus. There are many ways the casino reduces its exposure to having to pay out a lot of money but you still get to play at no cost to yourself.

Read Reviews

This is a very interesting strategy. Pokies reviews should tell you how the game plays. That means, the game might be very entertaining but pay out a relatively small amount of all wagers. If you’re looking for entertainment value alone, fine, but if you also want to play and win some, a good review will steer you toward the pokies that give you the longest playing time for your budget. The longer you play, the better your chances are of winning.

A good review will also tell you how the pokies game is set up for you to win. Some pokies give good payouts in both the regular game and in the free spins bonus game. Some give great wins in the bonus round but less in the regular game. These games may have a built in code through the RNG that makes it more difficult for players to reach the bonus round.

Free Spins

Online casinos have begun offering free spins as bonuses. They may offer free spins instead of cash for deposit bonuses. Free spins are free! Anything at a casino that’s free increases your chances of winning.

Another way casinos offer free spins is in the bonus rounds. This is a standard feature of almost all pokies. Sometimes, the pokies offer either free spins or a multiplier. Usually, you have to choose between more free spins and a lower multiplier or fewer free spins with a higher multiplier. Since we are not mathematicians we can’t definitively tell you which way to go in this decision. It depends on the relative size of the multipliers and the relative number of free spins. Some players always take the extra free spins and some always take the higher multiplier.

Practice for Free

We encourage all our readers to play any new pokies game for free before betting on the game. This is an offer that you can get only from an online casino; land based casinos cannot stay in business if their limited banks of pokies are dominated by people playing for free. Online casinos have an infinite amount of room so can easily let players play for free.

Playing in the free play mode means that you decide if you like the game before you bet on it. As we said above, instant play allows you to join a large number of casinos. By doing so, you’ll have hundreds to many thousands of pokies to choose from. Play for free until you find the pokies that give you the most entertainment value and winning chances for your budget.

Play for Fun

This strategy is not a money winning strategy, it is a playing strategy. If you play for fun, you win no matter what. This applies to all games and all entertainments. Some people are never satisfied. These people always feel like they have lost even when they win!

This phenomenon appears in everything we do. For example, some people always say that they should have ordered something else in a restaurant instead of really enjoying what they did order.

So, perhaps the best “strategy” for winning at pokies is to play for the sheer fun of it.