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Discover Great Entertainment: Play Australian Pokies Online

For Australians, online pokies are still the most-played game at online casinos. Amazingly, there is a lot of evidence that pokies online are becoming even more popular than ever before. There are two major reasons why pokies should be gaining in popularity, not just amongst Australian gamers but at many online casinos and for players from many countries.

The first reason, which we discount, is that pokies might be the only game offered by the online casino of one’s choice. This possibility fails on its face since online casinos offer the broadest range of games, far more than a land based casino can offer.

So, the second reason must be why Australian online pokies keep gaining in popularity. That reason is simply that pokies are better now than they were even ten years ago and get better all the time. This aspect of pokies play deserves a lot of our attention.


After a hard day at work, many people want to come home and simply relax. There are many ways to do so amongst them: soaking in the tub, watching re-runs on the telly, and playing online games. (Please do not try to play online gams whilst soaking in the tub!) Of all the online games, pokies offer the most entertainment for the least effort. This does not mean that it’s preferable to chill out every evening in front of the online casino pokies. The online pokies way is only one of many excellent ways to relax. The key here is that pokies are getting more and more entertaining all the time.


Pokies are a luck-centred game in which reels spins and the random number generator (RNG) determines the result of each spin. Originally, all pokies looked the same but now there are thousands of pokies from close to two hundred game providers. Competition amongst providers and the casinos they supply is fierce. The key for many is simply the entertainment factor.

Modern pokies all have themes. The number of theme categories grows apace and the number of pokies within each category also grows apace. So, online pokies players have a massive volume of pokies to choose from.

Game providers have to be evermore creative in order to stay competitive. Gamers benefit from the massive amount of thought that goes into modern pokies. At land based casinos, they introduce new pokies whenever they can but it is very expensive to bring in a new machine and take out an old one. The walls inhibit the growth of a land based casino. Online casinos have no walls so can introduce new pokies every month without losing a single game.

Pokies lovers can play all the new games each month in the comfort of their homes. One feature that providers are using is interactivity. Players are being given the chance to choose how the game will develop. So, a single pokies game may have numerous storylines as the players decide how to proceed.

Instant Play

The improved instant play gaming platform means that gamers no longer need to download a top heavy casino to their hard drives. With instant play, you play directly through your server. This means that you can sign up to play at a number of online casinos and play at each one regularly.

One great benefit of this level of diversity is that many casinos also mean many different game providers. You can play from several providers easily over the course of a single relaxing gaming session.

At a land based casino, if you want to check out the games being offered at a different casino, you have to leave the casino you’re at and get to the other casino. In Las Vegas, casinos are relatively close to each other; perhaps just a few hundred metres apart. But in Australia, it would mean really traveling to another casino!

And even in Las Vegas, if you leave one casino, you give up your seat at the game you were playing. At any online casino, you never have to give up your seat when you change games or change casinos. In cyberspace, there is functionally infinite space so you can come back whenever you like and resume as if you had never left.

Standard Pokies Features

At one time the only standard features were three reels, a single win line, and the same characters on every pokies machine. Now, standard features go way beyond the characters which have become almost innumerable. Within any theme, the characters can be drawn as futuristic characters, as nostalgic characters, as modern people and as every variation within those three parameters. Pokies players never get tired of seeing how game developers have created something new out of something old.

Getting back to standard pokies features, we begin with the wild symbol. These replace all other symbols except the scatter. Wild symbols may have a multiplier. In the bonus round, the multiplier might grow substantially. Wilds may be stacked on a reel and sometimes the wild symbol is stacked on the entire reel! Wild symbols may become frozen. In winter, this might be bad for your tulips but in pokies this is very good indeed. Frozen wilds stay on the reel indefinitely, raising your winning chances dramatically.

The scatter symbol wins in all positions and three or more send you to the free spin bonus round. The free spin bonus round always has extra features to help you score a big win. As stated, two such features are stacked reels and multipliers. Other features may be cascading reels, free spins that can be retriggered, nudges, and others.

Music has become as much a part of pokies as wilds and scatters. The graphics technology that has brought about 3D symbols also brings clear musical sound to the games. So, pokies can feature classical music, hip hop, or any other musical style. Having the pokies run in the background as you fix dinner can be entertaining in itself simply because of the music.


Playing online means being able to access the many bonuses that online casinos offer regularly. You can use any bonus over as long a period as you want at an online casino. At a land based casino, you’ll want to play through any bonus before you go back home.

Rate of Return

Online casinos have far less overhead than land based casinos so can return more to players. Online pokies usually have a return to player rate of about 97%. That means that you can play for a long time at a low bet rate and you could end the session winning a little if you’ve gotten lucky. The entertainment value is always worth the “price of admission”.